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No-Blast Technology

Coat steel without Blasting

In 2008, Madison Chemical announced the most exciting advance in the coating of steel in decades. We developed a whole new technology for everyday applications for a wide variety of structures, including: storage tanks, utility structures, construction components, industrial equipment and many more. Not only does this technology work on carbon steel, but it is equally at home on galvanized and weathering steels.

We named this proprietary Madison technology No-Blast. No-Blast technology, in brief, eliminates the need for abrasive blasting in a number of atmospheric and embedded service applications. The result is significant in many ways. It lowers the overall cost of surface preparation, in some cases by half or more. In many applications it preserves surface metallurgy, a very important consideration for galvanized steel. Perhaps more importantly, our No-Blast Surface Preparation compounds deposit a layer of proprietary Adhesion Promoter called Madison AP-50, which works synergistically with Madison coatings to enhance adhesion.

The lynchpins of No-Blast are two products – FerroGrip, for carbon steel, and GalvaGrip for galvanized and weathering steels. These are surface preparation and adhesion promoting compounds. Easy to use, these non-hazardous, soap-like products dispense with the need for expensive and invasive abrasive blasting. They dissolve corrosion, degrease the surface and deposit the powerful Adhesion Promoter, Madison AP-50.

We realized that to maximize the utility of AP-50, the coatings also needed to contain AP-50. This synergy creates a tenacious bond. For example, when we compared our traditional galvanized steel coating applied to a grit-blasted surface side-by-side with an AP-50 loaded coating over a GalvaGrip prepared surface – our No-Blast system – No-Blast achieved higher adhesion (almost 50% more) and better resistance to undercutting (less than half).

To Summarize, No-Blast Features and Benefits Include:

  • eliminate blasting, the most labor intensive and often, the most delicate part of a coating operation
  • easy to apply
  • compatible with carbon, galvanized and weathering steels
  • reduce maintenance costs associated with rapid wear of blasting equipment
  • reduce environmental hazards, including nuisance dusts and excessive noise
  • less training and ‘ramp-up’ time for operators
  • a wide variety of AP-50 loaded coatings for almost every type of service condition
  • low odor and environmentally friendly
  • non-hazardous, and biodegradable

Do you want to drive up quality and drive down costs? If so, Madison’s No-Blast technology is a must-have. Contact Madison for more information.

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