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The Core Product Family in Our Expanding Array of Infrastructural Coatings

It all started back in 1974 with the invention of a sole product simply called “CorroCote”, a protective coating used originally to prevent corrosion in underground fuel storage tanks, thereby protecting the environment and conserving resources.

Today, Madison manufactures a comprehensive array of products designed to protect the infrastructure all around us. From the vast network of primary and secondary industries that deliver the necessities of life like water, electricity and fuel to the organizations that service our physical, educational, health care and recreational needs, Madison has it covered.

Many of the infrastructural products developed over the years at Madison have grown into product families in their own right and have spun off into their own separate product groupings. Below is a list of all the product brands that now make up our Infrastructural Coatings Division. To find out more about products on the list, click on the product name and you will be forwarded to the website location where that particular product family is discussed in detail.

The development of new ways to protect and preserve the infrastructure, which has always been a Madison strength, has quickened in pace in recent years. Here are some highlights:

  • Our “No-Blast” technology, which is starting to revolutionize the way substrates are prepared.
  • Our Zinc Rich Primer technology, which reaches new heights in terms of ease of use and world class performance.
  • Our new CorroCote II Ultra, the world’s toughest polyurethane coating, able to handle everything from continuous immersion to harsh chemicals and from sudden impact to constant abrasion.
  • CorroCote II PW Ultra, similar to above but with strictly food-grade ingredients; the result is a next-generation potable water lining that delivers undreamed-of adhesion values, even after years of immersion. Water absorption and permeability values are the best in the industry.
  • Product upgrades that enable many of our coatings to surpass the toughest international standards such as the ISO standards used by the wind power industry and NSF, the standards uses by the pipeline industry. We have coatings that meet and exceed expectations in these areas and more.
  • Our MicroSpear additive, a permanent Anti-Microbial, or “AM” additive that retains its effectiveness throughout the coating lifespan.
  • Our NanoShield additive, which contains tiny smooth spheres of ceramic is available in many coatings to enhance the natural abrasion and impact resistance of polyurethane and epoxy coatings even further.

You might ask, “That original product, whatever happened to it”? Well, it is very much still around and it is called CorroCote II Classic. The original formula is still hard at work after 35 years in service and today’s product, the result of refinement and tweaking, is better than ever.

Where are CorroCote products used? Below is a partial list. Use the links below to visit the individual “Market and Application” pages of our website. Product Selector Guides and other support material will help you find the best product for your particular substrate and service requirements.

Here is a brief introduction to the various products in the CorroCote Family. To find out more about a particular product, click on the product name.

CorroCote II Classic
Tried and true polyurethane technology for the protection of steel, concrete, wood and other substrates that need protection against their environment. Ideal for embedded or immersion service in non aggressive environments.

CorroCote Plus
Similar in composition to CorroCote II Classic, Plus is modified with Madison’s special proprietary adhesion promoter – Madison AP-50. This provides greater adhesion over all types of surface preparation. and makes CorroCote Plus suitable for use in combination with Madison FerroGrip Surface Conditioner/Adhesion Promoter as an economical substitute for abrasive blasting.

CorroCote II Ultra
Highly cross-linked structural (rigid) polyurethane for harsh environments. Fortified with the latest resin technology anywhere, this is our most chemical-resistant plural component polyurethane. Product contains AP-50 Adhesion Promoter for world-class adhesion values, routinely in excess of 3,000 PSI.

CorroCote II PW
Our PW was the first potable water product to achieve NSF approval (National Sanitation Foundation) back in 1989. It’s the only potable water lining on the market that is approved for hot water service.

CorroCote 'S'
High performance, including immersion service, in a paint-like format; solvated system, VOC compliant.

Ancillary Products
Madison’s Infrastructural Coatings Division offers a broad range of ancillary products. This includes:
  • Catalysts for use with
    CorroCote “S”
  • Reducers for use with Mix-and-Apply products or for cleanup
  • Touch-Up products
Ask your Madison rep for particulars

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